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REAL DREAM – SNAKE LIFTING Anti-wrinkle Nourishing and Moisturizing day Cream for normal and combination face skin with plastic surgery effect 50 ML

The cream intensively smoothes out wrinkles, provides face lifting and restrains aging process. Bio-peptide SYN- AKE reduces the depth of mimic wrinkles.

REAL DREAM – SNAKE LIFTING Anti-wrinkle nourishing and moisturizing day cream (Dry and Sensitive Skin) 50 ML

Ensures deep nourishing and moisturizing of skin and intensively smoothes out wrinkles. It restores structure of skin and activates cellular processes.

REAL DREAM – SNAKE LIFTING Anti-wrinkle balm for eye-zone skin with the plastic surgery effect 30 ML

The eye-zone skin is lifted up, dark circles under eyes are reduced, mimic wrinkles are remarkably reduced, the skin has become more resilient and remarkably rejuvenated.