GOLD COLLAGEN® RX is the ultimate product specifically developed by MINERVA Research Labs to provide a non-invasive but effective solution as a complement to aesthetic procedures* or as a stand-alone anti-ageing treatment. It has been developed by doctors, scientists and nutritionists to reflect the ratio of collagen and elastin found naturally within the dermis. It has been formulated using our advanced patented complex** and a unique combination of hydrolysed elastinand powerful antioxidants, all carefully selected for their anti-ageing benefits*** to promote skin health. + Helps support skin’s natural healthy appearance + Protects against oxidative stress + Supports skin hydration and elasticity to promote younger looking skin + Helps support healthy hair and nails + Reduces the appearance of wrinkles 3 weeks to stimulate skin hydration, 6 weeks for skin smoothness, 9 weeks for skin firmness. Read more on Benefits, Ingredients and Nutritional Info further below. LIQUID SUPPLEMENTS VS TOPICAL CREAMS OR COLLAGEN TABLETS Many topical products such as creams, lotions and serums that contain collagen are unable to reach the dermis. This is because this protein has a large molecular size and cannot penetrate the skin’s natural protective barrier. The oral intake of skincare products which contain bioactive collagen peptides is therefore more effective as these molecules do not need to penetrate the epidermis. The liquid form allows the effective delivery of large quantities of active ingredients. The active ingredients are ingested, absorbed by the body and distributed to the dermis via the bloodstream. At MINERVA Research Labs, our doctors and scientists have formulated hydrolysed collagen-based products as a liquid supplement instead of collagen tablets or pills. The liquid format it is easier to consume and more readily absorbed by the body. The bioavailability of the active ingredients is therefore higher than a tablet or pill.
Manufacturer: MINERVA Research Labs

GOLD COLLAGEN® RX is the strongest and most advanced GOLD COLLAGEN® beauty supplement on the market. Its unique formulation makes the product an ideal partner for all aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. GOLD COLLAGEN® RX contains potent antioxidants (for example a full 2mg of astaxanthin), hydrolysed elastin as well as optimum collagen content, and therefore it is specifically designed to support the healing process. The product is also packed with vitamins including vitamin D and vitamin C.

Furthermore, peer-reviewed, published research on the GOLD COLLAGEN® RX patented complex of key ingredients has shown statistical aesthetic improvements in key markers of skin health (hydration, elasticity and depth of nasolabial folds) when taken in conjunction with aesthetic and cosmetic procedures or when taken alone.


Collagen and elastin are critical components of the skin’s extracellular matrix. The ratio between these two proteins influences skin’s properties. Collagen helps in promoting a healthy skin and supports skin’s healing process. Elastin is physiologically fundamental to provide skin elasticity and flexibility. Collagen and elastin work together to support the normal function of the skin. Therefore, their degradation and depletion can cause sagging and the formation of wrinkles.


Skin ageing is a complex biological process that is genetically determined and influenced by external factors including sun exposure (UV damage), smoking, alcohol, poor diet, environmental pollution and stress.

With age, the skin gradually loses its key components - collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, a water-retaining molecule. As a consequence, the skin becomes thinner, drier and more rigid, and lines and furrows emerge.

Furthermore, with age, the skin wound healing process takes longer, mainly because the cellular renewal is slower.

In addition, the skin’s ability to deal with the damaging action of free radicals also declines and this results in an increased cell damage. Free radicals are charged chemical particles of oxygen that enter into destructive chemical bonds with organic substances, such as proteins, lipids and DNA. These are produced as a result of the effects of the external environment (air pollution and sun radiation) and internal cellular metabolism.



Collagen accounts for 80% of skin composition and is also found in joint cartilage and bones. Collagen confers structural support and integrity to the skin. Collagen in the skin is naturally produced by the fibroblasts present in the dermis. However, from the age of 25-30, the ability to replenish collagen decreases by approximately 1.5% per year. As a consequence, skin loses volume and firmness, starts to wrinkle and becomes more fragile. The reduction in collagen production also results in the loss of hyaluronic acid (a molecule that binds with water), further impacting on the hydration and suppleness of the skin.


Along with collagen, elastin is a key structural component of the extracellular matrix (the material secreted by the cells in the dermis) and the ratio between these two proteins influences the normal function of the skin. Although elastin comprises only about 2% of the total protein in dermis, it is physiologically important to provide skin elasticity and flexibility. As a result of the natural ageing and photo-ageing (induced by sun exposure) processes, elastin biosynthesis slows down and the existing elastic fibres degrade. These changes in elastin can induce loss in skin elasticity, an increase in wrinkles and fine lines and sagging of the skin.


Skin is capable of counteracting the action of free radicals through efficient antioxidant defense mechanisms. Unfortunately, these processes weaken with time and can be overwhelmed by the increased production of molecules called ‘ROS’ (reactive oxygen species) One important approach to prevent or treat ROS-mediated skin damage is based on the administration of antioxidants.

GOLD COLLAGEN® RX is a nutricosmeceutical supplement containing an advanced patented complex (made up of hydrolysed collagen, hyaluronic acid, borage oil and N-acetylclucosamine) together with a combination of hydrolysed elastin and potent antioxidants that represent a powerful tool to slow down the ageing process. Furthermore, dietary intake of astaxanthin, a natural carotenoid and the most powerful antioxidant found in nature, combined with collagen hydrolysate can improve elasticity and barrier integrity in photo-aged skin.